About Doula Mimi

My name is Mary aka Doula Mimi. I am a Postpartum Doula that specializes in postpartum nutrition and adoption support. I was born and raised in Central Florida living there until after I married, when my husband and I moved to North West Alabama. It was there we had our daughter and learned the true value of having a Village to help you. Recently we made the journey back to New Smyrna Beach to start our lives again in my hometown.

Helping parents has always been a part of my life, it started with my illustrious babysitting career at eleven and grew into a part of my daily life. When my daughter was in elementary school I spent seven years volunteering working with children, teachers, and parents. It was during that time, while listening to parents struggle with the ups and downs of being parents, that my desire to support others grew. Through my dearest friend I was introduced to the world of the Doula, a path that would enable me to help parents and children the way I had dreamed.

Although I am new on the Doula path I quickly discovered a way to incorporate my passion for food into my Doula world. Food was always something special to me-the smells, the process, the taste I have always enjoyed every aspect. When I was in my early teens I decided to start putting the ideas in my head onto a plate and have been creating ever since. Until becoming a Doula my love for creating always delicious and mostly nutritious dishes, has been reserved for family and friends. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share all I have learned with new parents to help fuel their bodies and nourish their souls during their postpartum journey ❤